23 Dec

Coachella Gang Sweeps

Coachella Gang Sweeps are more common then ever before.  The Riverside County Gang Task Force takes a strong stance against gang violence throughout Riverside County.

Gang members are often identified by their tattoo’s and or their associates.  Often times, the gang member tells on themselves and openly admit to law officers their commitment to their gang.

Many gang members are identified through a “F.I. card” or better termed field interview card.  Here is where it gets a bit tricky because the Deputy or Officer writes down what the person tells them.

Well, or at least they’re suppose to.  Meaning, sometimes the police do err in writing things down and things can easily get messed up.  While the F.I. card system dates back decades, it is a broken system.

We’re hoping that the F.I. card becomes more accurate as time goes by but until then we have to continue to try and fix the system itself.

What I mean by that is, most law enforcement agencies have limited training on gangs and you’d think there would be more but that is not the case.

Generally, only specialized units are formed with a handful of law officers assigned mostly due to funding. In the City of Coachella as an example there is very little money to be spent on gang activity.

Coachella is comprised of approximately 50,000 population mostly Mexican.  So, although most of the population is against gang violence, the gangs still exist.

You have to remember, Coachella has many people whom migrated to America from many different states of Mexico and some do not get along.

The government just released a travel advisory for Mexico and it is not good.  Many states in the Country of Mexico are violent and involve kidnappings and beheading.

Coachella has been known for many kidnappings over the years and is full of the Mexican Drug Cartel.  Please be careful in dealing with gang members from Coachella.