15 Mar

Gang Investigator

Gang Investigator

What does a gang investigator do?  Well, very simply said a gang investigator reads police reports, investigates, interviews witnesses and sometimes gathers certain of evidence. A gang investigator may consult with defense attorneys in effort to ferret out cases.  A gang investigator may testify in court as a “Gang Expert.” We pride ourselves in the area of offering consultation to attorneys. We know gang allegation enhancements very well.

Gang Expert Testimony

A gang expert will testify in a court of law if called to do so.  Generally, the gang investigator has already been deemed a gang expert.  In our case, we are in fact already voir dired as gang experts. We work major criminal defense cases, mostly homicides.  However, we take all violent type gang related crimes. So then, it does not matter what type of gang allegations are set forth we will step forward for you. We have successfully won many criminal gang cases and have worked for many top criminal lawyers.


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