Los Angeles Gang Investigator

Los Angeles Gang Investigator

Are you looking for a Gang Investigator in Los Angeles?  Well, you’ve come to the right place.  Act now, call us for a free consultation!  Yes, we handle just about every type of investigation you could think of.  We specialize in criminal defense for all violent crimes such as homicide, gang shootings, gang stabbings, assault with a deadly weapon, gang enhancements. We specialize in wiretapping cases and have probably the only investigator in the state who has worked multiple wiretap cases all over Southern California with tremendous success.  Additionally, we handle domestic violence, criminal threats, stalking and all assaults. If you have been arrested and need help why not call us now? We are very experienced in cheater cases, we catch the wife, husband, girlfriend or the boyfriend it doesn’t matter. We have very experienced veteran retired Deputy Sheriff’s and Police Officers to help you.  We know all the tricks to the trade and have a huge win success rate.  We get most people off with little or nothing and we can prove it.  We’re not those guys full of false promises we tell you upfront what’s up.

Do you need a Los Angeles Gang Investigator to review your arrest report?

Yes, we can look at your police report. What does that mean?  It means a bunch of retired cops will look at your arrest report or police reports.  We will give you a fair assessment of what’s up.  Generally, we can punch holes through the reports in seconds.  You may ask how?  We have very educated investigators, with Bachelor’s degrees, Masters degree’s, PhD.’s, Juris Doctorate degrees. Plus, remember just because you think there is no way out, we might just be able to find that loophole.  Give us a call right away 855-342-3300.

How much does a Los Angeles Gang Investigator Cost?

Well, all cases are different and if you call us we will listen to your story and will be able to tell you a price.  All cases are on their merit, so we’d have to hear what the circumstances are. We do have retainer prices and in some cases allow payment plans depending on the situation.  Are we cheap?  Oh heck no, but we do have a passion for winning your case and helping you get some stress relief.  Yes, we accept other forms of payment such as real or personal property, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency along with vehicles.

Free Consultation with a Los Angeles Gang Investigator

Our offer to you if you act today, is a free consultation with an investigator who will go over your case with you step by step. We handle all of the Los Angeles area, including all the suburbs. Military personnel receives deep discounts along with police personnel. In conclusion, contact us or call 855-342-3300.