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Who should I hire as a gang expert?

Enrique Tira, Gang Expert, with a lifetime of gang experience is a good place to start. Over the years, Enrique Tira has learned from an early age what it takes to survive in gang ridden communities abroad. Gang life is something that really cannot be learned out of a book, it takes on the role of a culture and one must understand the culture for survival. It mostly starts from a very young age growing up in a poor urban or rural area with what appears to be no hope in life and the cycle of pattern never seems to change. A person does not grow up wishing to be a gang member and as a matter of fact, probably doesn’t know what it even means to be a so-called gang member.  Most merely grow up in a neighborhood of friends and associates who go to school together and hang out.  Over time, each of them become tight and grow within their culture, dressing like one another, speaking Spanish and English like one another.


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Customer Reviews

Gang Investigator

Customer Reviews

Harris Law 04/11/20

Simply the best!

Myran L. 03/28/20

Hired to interview witnesses. Interviews were well written. Would hire again without a doubt.

Ismal Hussain 03/02/20

Our firm was looking for a Hispanic gang expert and we found a quality investigator here. We won our case.

Devin Parvin 02/23/20

Hired for expert testimony. Very knowledgeable with reasonable to high fee's but well worth it, you get what you pay for.

Anonymous 02/14/20

Confidential and high quality work